Psalms: Real Conversations with God

Psalm 124: Perseverance

Have you ever felt like giving up before reaching your desired destination? Sometimes the road of life can take its toll on us. Thankfully we have a God who enables us to press on. Psalm 124 reveals the true meaning of the "perseverance of the saints" and reassures us that the Maker of heaven and earth is always there to tow his weathered and weary people through the storms of life.

Psalm 133

We weren't made to travel alone. We need company on the road of life. But travelling with others is not always easy as it often requires trust and compromise. As we study Psalm 133, we are reminded of the goodness that happens when God's people live together in unity.

The Road (Part 3)

Humanity is prone to mistakes, but thankfully the Lord does not leave us stranded. Psalm 130 reassures us that God will come to our aid.

The Road (Part 2)

Even with traffic reports, caution signs and navigational systems, it's hard to predict what dangers lie ahead on the road. The same could be said for life. Psalm 121 reminds us that the Lord watches over our coming and going -- both day and night.

The Road (Part 1)

Like roads, our lives encounter twists and turns. Life certainly has its share of roadblocks, traffic jams and accidents as we progress toward our desired destination. In this short series we take a look at the Psalms of Ascent (Psalm 120-134). Traditionally God's people sang these songs as they pilgrimaged toward Jerusalem to worship the Lord. Our prayer is that you encounter that same God who guides us all along the "straight and narrow".

Psalm 59

Imprecatory Psalms (those Psalms that invoke judgment upon one's enemies or those perceived as the enemies of God) allow us to step into the gut-wrenching anguish of the Psalmists while giving us a format to share our strongest emotions with our ever-powerful God. With a focus on Psalm 59, we see that instead of unloading on the people around us, the imprecatory Psalms show us how to upload our emotions to God.

Where is the place you feel most safe? Psalm 91 reveals a beautiful picture of God as our "safe place."

Psalm 2: Who's in charge here?

"Who's in charge here?" It's a question you may have heard before. Psalm 2 starts with that broad question but narrows it down to "Who is in charge of my life?"

Psalm 32

Using Psalm 32, we take a look at how confession opens the door for us to be able to hear how God is leading us and freeing us to take our next steps in following Jesus.

Psalm 116

In Psalm 116, we look at someone in trouble -- not unlike many of us. And we also get a good look at how God responds when one of his people is in trouble. Two crucial questions get answered in this Psalm: What do I do when I'm in trouble? What does God do when I'm in trouble?