Peter Roebbelen

Psalm 116

In Psalm 116, we look at someone in trouble -- not unlike many of us. And we also get a good look at how God responds when one of his people is in trouble. Two crucial questions get answered in this Psalm: What do I do when I'm in trouble? What does God do when I'm in trouble?

Deconstructing Death: What's Next?

As we reach the end of our three-week series on "Deconstructing Death", we push back the curtain and take a peak at what happens after we die.

Deconstructing Death: Getting Acquainted

One of the challenges we face in talking about death and dying is our lack of knowledge and our lack of language. In this message, we explore what the Bible says about death. We'll also spend some time thinking about how to come alongside people in their season of dying.

Deconstructing Death: Facing our Fears

Death is one of the most significant events in our life. So why is it that we hardly talk about it with our family or friends? Why is death and dying so troubling? And what can we do to overcome our fear of death so that we are better equipped to live well and die well?

Finding Peace Through Life

Heading into the worst week of His life, knowing that He was about to die, Jesus had so much inner peace that He is able to promise peace to His followers. Now that Jesus has been raised from the dead, the promise of His peace seems even more possible. Could it be true that even in the midst of our worst case scenario, in the midst of our biggest fear, that deep inner peace is possible?

Finding Peace in Death

The Bible says that Jesus "was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him." How can we find peace in death on this Good Friday?

Justice: A Reflective Pause

As we continue our series exploring what the Bible has to say about justice, we pause to ask what the Lord has been saying to us. We want to give expression to how we might respond in helpful and practical ways locally and globally. We'll also tackle some of the questions we've received over the past month.

Perspectives: Confessions

Simeon and Anna's response to the birth of Jesus is quite unique: They confess. What does that mean? What do they confess? Let's learn together as we celebrate the birth of the Christ child.

Perspectives: Joseph's Confusion

To say that Joseph was confused is an understatement. Everything he dreamed about - his marriage to Mary, starting a family, living a quiet life as a carpenter - was turned upside down when Mary announced that she was pregnant… and Joseph knew he wasn't the father. What does one do in the midst of a chaotic, confusing crisis? Let's listen in to the story of Joseph and find out how a good, upright and loving man responds when his life begins to unravel.

Life in the Vine: Union with Christ

We are invited into an intimate, organic relationship with Christ. In this relationship, Jesus tells us to remain in Him and to bear fruit. But what does than mean, and what does that look like?