Life in the Vine: The Fruitful Life

We explore Psalm 1 and what it means to be planted by water and to bring forth fruit.

For the Life of the World: The Economy of Wonder

When was the last time you were amazed by something? The capacity to be in awe and wonder is an incredible gift. This is a gift from God that we are invited to share, for the life of the world.

The With God Life: Absence (Advent Week 2)

Why does God seem strangely absent at times? Why does he remain silent in the middle of really difficult circumstances? Why no answers to our prayers and no sense of his reassuring presence? These are the questions we will wrestle with today.

Life in the Season of Dying

Is it possible that there is life in the season of dying, both for those who are dying and for their loved ones? If it's true of Jesus, should it not also be true of us?

Blessed: Meek

In his teaching, Jesus makes a series of statements about the "blessed-ness" of various groups of people, including this one: "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth". Strange? Perhaps. But let's lean in and listen to how these words might help us take our next step in following Jesus Christ.

To Be Told: Standing Strong

After a week of fun at ClearView Kids Camp we are going to have a front row seat for stories of God's activity in the hearts and lives of people this past week. Following along using the online study guide:

From Confusion to Clarity

What happens when what we believe in our heart and what we see in the world around us are two different things? We examine the journey the author of Psalm 73 took from confusion and despair to clarity.

God is Faithful

We reflect on God's faithfulness and His good work in us. He is calling us to become the new creations He made us to be in Jesus Christ.

Living Christmas (Part 1)

Ten years ago this weekend ClearView Church opened its doors for the first time in our present location. This morning is all about celebration! We are gathering to remind ourselves and each other that the story of our lives is marked by a Heavenly Father who has placed us here, together for his purposes and plans.

Psalm 116

In Psalm 116, we look at someone in trouble -- not unlike many of us. And we also get a good look at how God responds when one of his people is in trouble. Two crucial questions get answered in this Psalm: What do I do when I'm in trouble? What does God do when I'm in trouble?