Perspectives: Joseph's Confusion

To say that Joseph was confused is an understatement. Everything he dreamed about - his marriage to Mary, starting a family, living a quiet life as a carpenter - was turned upside down when Mary announced that she was pregnant… and Joseph knew he wasn't the father. What does one do in the midst of a chaotic, confusing crisis? Let's listen in to the story of Joseph and find out how a good, upright and loving man responds when his life begins to unravel.

The Four Characteristics of God at Christmas

In the midst of our annual celebrations, we pause to reflect on four key characteristics that we can learn about God the Father through the story of the first Christmas.


What is the joy of Christmas? The first "Christ mass" happened in a manger on a cold, starry night long ago. In 2000 years, one thing hasn't changed. We still receive truest joy when we lay our gifts before Jesus in worship.

Perspectives: Herod and the Massacre of the Innocents

Can you name 25 things that you love? If you had to order those things, what would rise to the top? As we look at the Christmas story, particularly what king Herod loved, we will learn how those things shaped his perspective about a child that some visiting wise men were looking for.


In baptism God signs and seals his people into covenantal membership of his family.


The church has fasted during Lent for almost a millennium. During Lent you are invited to give up something of personal value and reorient your rhythm of life around the God who defeated sin at the cross and death at the empty tomb.

The Temptations of Christ

Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by the devil. And those specific temptations also represent three wrong ways for Christians to live and minister in the world.


Jesus' plan to "rule the world" began with an unusual objective: make disciples. Simply stated: discipleship is a big deal.

Blessed: Mourners

Today we look at the second blessing in Matthew 5: "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." What does Jesus mean when he says we are blessed if we mourn? Is there really good news in the midst of our grief and sorrow?

Blessed: Poor in Spirit

We kick off a new summer series entitled "Blessed". We will be walking through the words of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. In part one, we look at the statement: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."