The Beatitudes

Jesus begins his ministry with the greatest sermon ever delivered in the "Sermon on the Mount". The beginning of that sermon constitutes the Beatitudes. Do those conditions represent the attitudes of the "Good Christian"? Or does Jesus have something more to say?

The Next Step

In Mark 8, Jesus asks the crucial question: "Who do you say that I am?" The responses lay out a direction not only for the disciples of Jesus' day, but also for us today.

Crucial Conversations: The Cross

We are going to listen in to the words of Jesus as he speaks to his disciples and followers about matters of life, of death, of carrying our cross and self-denial. These words are powerful and form some of the foundation of what it means to follow Jesus.

Were You There? (Part 4)

Today we will hear Jesus utter only a few words. But these words so rattled the leaders of his day that they decided Jesus must die. What sort of words could incide such hatred? And what do they mean for us?

Faces in the Crowd: Pilate

From now until Easter, our Sunday morning gatherings will be focused on a series of messages called "Faces in the Crowd." We'll recall the last few days of Jesus' life, focussing on various people mentioned in the Bible. We begin with a look at the Roman ruler Pilate.

Faces in the Crowd: The Centurion

How could a professional Roman soldier conclude that Jesus was the Son of God just by watching Him die? And what does it mean to make the claim?

Were You There? (Part 2)

We continue our Lent series "Where you there?" We will hear the stories from the book of Mark, which ask each of us to place ourselves in the story. Use the following link to access the online study notes:

Easter Sunday

"He is not here. He has risen!" Together we will hear the Easter story and lean deeply into the beauty of what it means that Jesus is still in the resurrection business! It has the power to change everything!