For the Life of the World: The Economy of Order

We live in a world that seems chaotic at times. Yet the Bible talks about a life of order and justice. What do we make of the gap we experience between justice and our own lives? And how are we called as God's people to live "for the life of the world" is this area of living?

For the Life of the World: The Economy of Work

Work. Whether it's as a stay-at-home parent, working in a trade, or sitting in a corner office, something fills the bulk of our day. This morning we turn our attention to the topic of work and invite Jesus to teach us why we do what we do, and why it matters to him.

One of a Kind: Noah

Noah's story is one most of us know -- or at least think we know. We will learn about a man who lived a "One of a Kind" life of perseverance. This powerful story has a lot to say about our lives with Jesus.

To Be Told: The Tower of Babel

Our summer series at ClearView is entitled "To Be Told." It's a series of messages that will focus on some of the grand, beautiful stories of the Bible. They might have taken place long ago - but they are still part of God's story for us and our lives today. They are stories that need to be told! Follow this link to access the online study guide:

The Danger of Proximity to God's Promise

What prevents us from truly seeking God's promises? And how can we fully become people who do so?

To Be Told: Abraham & Sarah's Story

This morning we welcome Pastor Henry Wildeboer to help us reflect on God's blessings and faithfulness to us. The topic comes out of a personal celebration for Henry and his wife Jan, who are celebrating 50 years of marriage! But more than just their personal celebration, we'll open up God's Word and look at how faithful God is to his people -- specifically Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 17.

Crucial Conversations: Laughter

What will you be up to at this time next year? More importantly, what will God have done in you? These questions are part of our learning as we listen in to an ancient Old Testament story with present-day implications.