"Is the Lord among us or not?"

In Exodus 17, the Israelites tested God by asking "Is the Lord among us or not?" Our guest speaker Daniel DeVries reflects on the question that often arises during the times in our lives when God seems distant.

It is God Who Works in Us: Obedience

We continue our "God working in us" series by taking a look at the ins and outs of obedience, with a careful and practical look at an important part of learning to love and follow Jesus. Follow this link to access the online study guide: http://bible.com/e/17M3

Party On

Naturally, God's first commandment is all about himself. But God isn't giving us this commandment and the nine others to stifle and rob us of joy. The Lord actually offers His people incomprehensible joy. To put it simply: there is no party without God.


In Egypt, the Israelites were immersed in a culture of idol worship. Now the Lord was redefining their understanding of worship. Their God would be more than an image or a name.


In the third commandment, we become aware of the holiness and power that is present in the name of God.


The Sabbath commandment is rooted in two objectives. In Exodus, Sabbath is grounded in creation and in Deuteronomy it is grounded in the Lord's redemption. Today we will connect our Sabbath habits to the presence of the Lord.

Sabbath Rest

The Lord sets aside a designated time of rest for his people, not as a burden, but to liberate us from the busyness of life. The purpose of a Sabbath is to refresh body, mind and soul.


Throughout scripture, God puts great value in the parent and child relationship. One of the ways we honour our Father in heaven is by loving our earthly parents. And one of the ways we reflect our Father is heaven is by loving our children.


Jesus gives an addendum to the command "Thou shalt not kill." He adds that anyone who curses a brother or sister is also guilty of breaking this commandment. When we speak anything but goodness and truth to others, we stand guilty of hurting our own kin. God's desire is to restore harmony between His children.


The Bible tells us that in His love, the Lord showed grace to His unfaithful people. Though grace and by grace we become more capable of the purity He calls us to.