"Your Kingdom Come..."

As a disciple, Peter followed his rabbi Jesus everywhere. The one thing Jesus preached about more than anything was the Kingdom of God. The book of Acts illustrates the power and presence of God's future kingdom breaking into our world.


Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord's mysterious plans continue in our lives as He calls each one of us to Himself.

Spirit of God

Someone could easily make the case that the Holy Spirit has become the forgotten God in the Christian faith. Yet, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit for a quintessential purpose: to be an intimate and faithful helper to us.

Engage: The Holy Spirit (Part 1)

Pentecost marks the beginning of a new era for people who are learning to love and following Jesus. It's the day in which the church remembers and celebrates the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on all believers. We celebrate Pentecost today and use it as an opportunity to launch a brand new series entitled "Engage!". For the next weeks we will be learning and discovering the wonder, goodness, purpose and power of the Holy Spirit. Visit the online study guide for today's message:

Resurrection (Part 2)

There are stories in the Bible that are incredible. They sometimes make us scratch our heads and wonder "What's going on?". We are going to talk about some of the stories from the book of Acts that sound too good to be true and ask "What about today?" and "Does God still do that?".

Resurrection (Part 4)

What if the Church forgets its mission? What if, without intending it, we somehow drift and forget why we exist in this world? These are the questions we will tackle by taking a look at the book of Acts and the heartbeat of life for the early church and what it means for us today.

Pentecost and the Church

The church is more than a social club, a building or an institution. It is part of God's plan to restore and revitalize the world.

Resurrection (Part 3)

We are going to learn about what is arguably one of the most profound characteristics of God's resurrection people: their treatment of money, possessions and stuff. The stories of God's resurrection power in these areas of life are nothing short of revolutionary.

The "Isms": Catechism

This morning we will conclude our series with a look at one more "ism" - catechism. For some of us this might be a new word. For others, it’s a word that conjures up memories and fondness. For all of us we will learn today that it's a word that mostly represents an invitation to growth in our life with Jesus.

Justice and Indigenous People

We welcome Dr. Terry LeBlanc to our community as we continue our series on Justice. Terry, a Mi'kmaq-Acadian, is the Executive Director of Indigenous Pathways and also the Director of the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies. Terry has over 38 years of community work experience in Native North American and global Indigenous contexts and has a deep understanding of the many complex and challenging issues impacting Canada's Indigenous People. You can also watch Terry's message on our YouTube channel: