Spirit of God

Someone could easily make the case that the Holy Spirit has become the forgotten God in the Christian faith. Yet, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit for a quintessential purpose: to be an intimate and faithful helper to us.

Engage: The Holy Spirit (Part 1)

Pentecost marks the beginning of a new era for people who are learning to love and following Jesus. It's the day in which the church remembers and celebrates the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on all believers. We celebrate Pentecost today and use it as an opportunity to launch a brand new series entitled "Engage!". For the next weeks we will be learning and discovering the wonder, goodness, purpose and power of the Holy Spirit. Visit the online study guide for today's message:

Resurrection (Part 2)

There are stories in the Bible that are incredible. They sometimes make us scratch our heads and wonder "What's going on?". We are going to talk about some of the stories from the book of Acts that sound too good to be true and ask "What about today?" and "Does God still do that?".