Pentecost and the Church

The church is more than a social club, a building or an institution. It is part of God's plan to restore and revitalize the world.

Spirit of God

Someone could easily make the case that the Holy Spirit has become the forgotten God in the Christian faith. Yet, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit for a quintessential purpose: to be an intimate and faithful helper to us.


Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord's mysterious plans continue in our lives as He calls each one of us to Himself.

"Your Kingdom Come..."

As a disciple, Peter followed his rabbi Jesus everywhere. The one thing Jesus preached about more than anything was the Kingdom of God. The book of Acts illustrates the power and presence of God's future kingdom breaking into our world.

Are You Listening?

God is speaking to us, but do we know how to listen for His voice?

Discipleship Remix

Jesus calls us to follow in his footsteps -- to be disciples and to make disciples.


"I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen."


As Jesus enters the temple, he sees a whole enterprise profiting from the sacrificial system. Jesus turns the whole place upside down. His existence now redefines the presence of God. Later, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit signifies the new way God dwells in the midst of us.

This is How We Should Pray

Many of us struggle to know how to pray, but Jesus actually gives us a model for how we should pray.

The Beatitudes

Jesus begins his ministry with the greatest sermon ever delivered in the "Sermon on the Mount". The beginning of that sermon constitutes the Beatitudes. Do those conditions represent the attitudes of the "Good Christian"? Or does Jesus have something more to say?

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