Throughout scripture, God puts great value in the parent and child relationship. One of the ways we honour our Father in heaven is by loving our earthly parents. And one of the ways we reflect our Father is heaven is by loving our children.


The eighth commandment "Thou shalt not steal" does so much more than prohibit theft. It affirms a lifestyle that puts relationships above wealth and materialism.


The Sabbath commandment is rooted in two objectives. In Exodus, Sabbath is grounded in creation and in Deuteronomy it is grounded in the Lord's redemption. Today we will connect our Sabbath habits to the presence of the Lord.


In the third commandment, we become aware of the holiness and power that is present in the name of God.


In Egypt, the Israelites were immersed in a culture of idol worship. Now the Lord was redefining their understanding of worship. Their God would be more than an image or a name.

Party On

Naturally, God's first commandment is all about himself. But God isn't giving us this commandment and the nine others to stifle and rob us of joy. The Lord actually offers His people incomprehensible joy. To put it simply: there is no party without God.

The Next Step

In Mark 8, Jesus asks the crucial question: "Who do you say that I am?" The responses lay out a direction not only for the disciples of Jesus' day, but also for us today.

The Servant King

Jesus didn't demand the usual pomp and circumstance usually bestowed upon a king. Instead, He took the role of a servant. Now it's our turn to roll up our sleeves and do likewise for others.

Psalm 124: Perseverance

Have you ever felt like giving up before reaching your desired destination? Sometimes the road of life can take its toll on us. Thankfully we have a God who enables us to press on. Psalm 124 reveals the true meaning of the "perseverance of the saints" and reassures us that the Maker of heaven and earth is always there to tow his weathered and weary people through the storms of life.

Psalm 133

We weren't made to travel alone. We need company on the road of life. But travelling with others is not always easy as it often requires trust and compromise. As we study Psalm 133, we are reminded of the goodness that happens when God's people live together in unity.

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