The Pharisees asked Jesus, "Who is my neighbour?" It's no surprise Jesus answers this culturally and politically-charged question with a parable packed with incredible meaning.

Who is My Neighbour?

Who are our neighbours and how can we respond to them in a Kingdom way?

I'm Not Finished Yet!

At the age of 85, Caleb goes to Joshua, Israel's leader, and says "I'm not finished yet!" What about you? What has God birthed in you that isn't finished yet?

Christ: The Gift of God

How many of us are ashamed to admit we've once thought: "Christmas is all about the presents"? Could this perception be true? In one "small package", Israel found love, peace, hope and joy.


What is the joy of Christmas? The first "Christ mass" happened in a manger on a cold, starry night long ago. In 2000 years, one thing hasn't changed. We still receive truest joy when we lay our gifts before Jesus in worship.


The gospels teach us that Christ came to seek and to save because of the Father's love. And God's children are loved (by Him) to love one another. This is a contagious and dangerous love. God lovingly makes himself vulnerable in Christ to reveal his heart.


The coming of the Messiah signaled everlasting peace for the whole world. In the incarnation of Christ we rediscover harmony between humanity and the Divine. This Prince of Peace still offers us a haven from hostility today.


There is so much audacity in hope. Hope runs counter to the cynicism of this world. It is essential to note that our hope in God is more than blind optimism.

Bridge or Barrier?

When it comes to helping others take their next steps in following Jesus, our lives can act as a bridge or a barrier. Today we are going to look at one profoundly simple way of helping others meet Jesus.


It's quite easy to fall into the trap of "keeping up with the Joneses". But throughout the gospels, Jesus scrutinizes the true worth of material goods.

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