Online Directory

ClearView has recently started an online directory for our members! This is a great resource to match names with faces and get to know who's who in our community.

Click here to log in to our Online Directory.

The photo directory will be available:

  • From any personal computer (using a web browser), and
  • As a mobile application (accessible on your phone), or
  • As a printed directory (by request)

If you aren’t having your picture taken at ClearView, please send your favourite pictures to: .  Include one full family shot, and one close-up shot for each family member.  Higher resolution images are better - image files can be up to 9 Megabytes (MB) in size.

Please email the office at  for the privacy key.

The following are links to install the mobile applications on your tablet or phone.  Note that these use a different private access code, which is also available from the ClearView office:

If you need a copy of the release form to provide to the office, please click here