In addition to a staff team who give leadership in various aspects of our church, ClearView is led by a team of gifted Elders and Deacons.

The Elders provide spiritual care and oversight to the vision, mission and individuals and families in our church. The Deacons join in this work by spurring ClearView Church members on to acts of service and care in the community and for one another. Elders and Deacons are men and women who are members of our church community and are voted in by the congregation.

Clearview has a system of care that is rooted in small groups, and the role of our Pastoral Care Elders. Our hope is that everyone will be part of a Life Group/Message-Based Small Group or some other network of relationships that will help them grow spiritually and be involved at ClearView. In addition to this, our Pastoral Care Elders are specialized leaders in our church who are tasked with giving spiritual care to everyone who would like it. If you would like to be contacted by a Pastoral Care Elder, please contact the chairs of our Pastoral Elder Team, Harry and Sharon Van Beilen at

Our elders and deacons are all gifted and wonderful people who are leading our church in pursuit of our vision of "equipping everyone to take their next steps in following Jesus Christ."