About Us

ClearView Church is a gathering of people who are striving to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ in every aspect of our lives. To that end, we have a purpose/ vision statement of

Equipping everyone to take the next steps in following Jesus Christ. 

In order to equip people for their next steps with Jesus Christ, we have become convinced that at least three things are necessary: discipling, worshipping, and blessing.

We are striving to be a church that is engaged in discipling.

This word might be new to some, but it's an ancient and biblical word that we think is of the utmost importance. Essentially it means that we are learning how to be apprentice of Jesus; to imitate his way of life and live by his teachings. Our conviction is that Jesus teaches us about life the way it was meant to be lived, and that everyone has been invited to join in. We believe that over time, and with a lot of practice and prayer, everyone who chooses this path will become stronger and more effective disciples of Jesus. We think that the journey of discipleship is a beautiful thing, and it benefits all who follow Him.

We think that the act of worshipping is a vital part of being a human being.

Take a look around and you will soon discover that everyone is worshipping something, whether it is their career, their family, a sports team or something else.  The decision to give the most significant place in our lives to something or someone is how we at ClearView think about worship. At ClearView, we live with the conviction that our lives ought to be spent, first and foremost, in worship of God. It is not always easy and it takes effort, however we think that worship is life giving and life changing.

Finally, we think that we should be a blessing.

No matter who we are talking with, what we are up to, or what the issue at hand is, we believe that we are called to bless everyone. That means we love and support all people, no matter what their background, religion, or social status is. We believe that God has placed us in the ClearView neighbourhood for a reason, and we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our neighbours, as they, in turn, make a difference in our lives. In fact, we hope that we can be a blessing to you as well.


Please feel welcome to contact one of our pastors or the office at  if you have any questions about our church.